Sunday, January 10, 2010

Downloads Angel PDA

Angel PDA
  • Application based diagnostic tool for all Angel Online Trading Products.
  • A complete diagnostic solution in just one click.
  • Online help and query posting facility.
  • Automated process for downloading new products, latest versions, masters file, registry and other product utilities.
  • Complete analysis report for product configurations, network and system settings available.

Angel Toolbar
Angel Toolbar
Angel Toolbar

View the Stock Market, Commodity Market and Mutual fund News & Data in a single click from Angel Toolbar.
Angel Toolbar comes with:
System requirements:
• Pop-up blockers to block all the    annoying pop-up ads.
• Google search attached, to give
   superior flexibility.
• At least 64 MB RAM
• Windows 2000, Windows XP
• Internet Explorer 5.5+

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